Irons Area Tourist Association
Irons Area Tourist Association
P.O. Box 37, 5074 W. 10-1/2 Mile Rd.
Irons, MI  49644
Community Buck Pole
November 15th

1.Buck MUST be legally tagged prior to registration

2. Buck MUST have been taken during legal hunting hours on November 15, 2019.

3. Winners WILL be decided by the Outside Spread + Number of Points + Field Dressed Weight.
Example: (12” outside spread + 8 points + 150 lbs field dressed = 170 Score) A Point must be 1” in length and 1
inch above the main beam to count.  Outside spread will be measured at the widest part of the main beams. Buck
must be field dressed prior to arrival.

4. Registrants WILL be placed in the appropriate age category based on their date of birth. Registrant must be
the same person as indicated on the buck tag.

5. The 18+ age category winner of the gun MUST pass a background check in order to receive the prize. If he or
she does not pass, the prize will be give to the next possible winner.

6. In the event of a tie score, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.

7. Measurement Committee has the right to disqualify any registrant and his or her buck if the committee feels or
has any reason to believe there was wrong doing on the part of the registrant.

8. Prizes will not be given to any registrant who is not present or does not have his or her buck present at the
time the winners are announced (9:00p.m.)

9. Weather permitting, the committee asks that bucks remain hanging as long as possible to allow the public
ample viewing time.
Buck Pole Rules